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We are a bioregional textile community  growing hope and resilience through local fiber, local color, and local labor.


The Rust Belt Fibershed consists of 250 mile radius outside of Cleveland, Ohio including parts of Michigan, southern Ohio, Western Pennsylvania and Western New York. It is our goal to build a community that collaboratively supports locally grown textiles in a way that decrease consumption of fast fashion and works to restore soil health. We aspire to connect everyone in all parts of our local fiber system: farmers, fiber processors–from large mills to home spinners, weavers, dyers and fiber artists–to designers, shop owners, fiber enthusiasts, and all consumers of textiles. Through this project, we hope to increase education of stewardship of our land and resources, foster friendship and creativity, and facilitate conversations that address the challenges of a localized fiber supply chain.


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Are we drinking our YOGA PANTS?

It would be hard to find one of us who doesn't have an article (or most articles) of clothing made from acrylic, polyester, nylon, and other plastic-based fibers. Those yoga pants? The fleece sweatshirt? Your sweaters? Most of our clothing has it. But every time we wash them, the teeniest particles of plastic go through the washing machine and into our water system, often not caught by the filters in the treatment. In fact, most glasses of water in America contain some level of micro-plastics. Read more about microfiber pollution here and here.


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